Io Campaign

The games that started in all…

1st Incarnation

 3.0 and 3.5 (circa 2001)

  • Kutulu rogue, master spy, kills many PCs and NPCs
  • Merrick aquatic druid, octopus familiar
  • Dart shield bashing half-dragon cleric
  • Trolura elemental wizard
  • Dhygmzmyx large half-dragon hammer fighter
  • Norman the Badger Guard Captain, Arcane fighter. Gets reincarnated into a badger and just rolls with it!
  • Mipp and Zook Gnome Stone Shaper with stone golem power armor
  • Mirick (NPC) bard, died, soul trapped in Hell, soul freed from Hell
  • Band Eras robot, ninja, gunslinger, time cop
  • Ghaxterydon Dragon titan
  • Never pick up a badger in a dungeon!

2nd Incarnation

3.5 and PFRPG circa 2008

  • Trenemen Thrull Herder with many thrulls
  • Fletch Radiant Servant Cleric, Undead Beware!
  • Valignatov human, black dragon, ninja, ghost
  • Albraxus Book of Nine Swords fighter, four arms, two huge weapons
  • Vitorin warlock blaster, spider climber
  • Stonejaw and Grumbles Stoned Stone Summoner
  • Dagon (NPC) rogue, shades of Kutulu
  • Ghaxterydon Dragon titan
  • How many dragon titans can you defeat?

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