A brief history of events the crew has uncovered so far…

1 Year Ago

Yigorin Slate was captured on his way to Azlant by the Mordant Spire Elves. His lamp and map were confiscated.

10 Years Ago

A shadowy figure named Old Hoary, was seen visiting Vira Grulios and House Vestin.

100 Years Ago

First recorded pakthryxl proxy. Apsu enlisted Aerodus, Lini, Camrad, and Lorenz Vestin I to investigate and dispel the unnatural dragon sleep. Aerodus, Lini, Camrad got as far as the Dread Line before Ezgar murdered them. They manage to figured out the secrets of the Sunken Galleys and their connection to the the Bloodlords of Geb. Lorenz Vestin I escaped death and incurred a huge family debt. Mr. Finn’s great great grandfather was involved with Vestin I, due to the Torrentail talisman locked away in the Auditor’s Office in Absalom. On the Infernal Line, the dragon waking operation stopped shortly after the God Aroden’s death. It is not known how or why the first pakthryxl proxy ended, but it did.

aerodus.png Aerodus Pavo
gunslinger_king_by_adamwithers.jpg Theodric Camrad
lv.png Lorenz Vestin I
witch.jpg Lini Tacmet

Aschiuk made preparations in case he ever fell victim to the pakthryxl again. He built the Emerald Arrow, a living ship, to carry him on the Infernal Line. Aschiuk entrusted Denthanus to captain his ship.


The God Apsu stopped his son, Dahak, from hunting the metallic dragons for sport. But not before Dahak hunted the platinum dragons to near extinction.

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