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  • Apsu patron deity of all good and metallic dragons, and one of the oldest gods of the Great Beyond. Along with Tiamat, he is (at least according to draconic lore) believed to be one of the two original creator beings of the multiverse.
  • Azlant The shattered continent, the lost island continent. Great Hunter’s lair and territory are located there.


  • Bolgian Shore The border between Hell and the Maelstrom. The Hell side is heavily fortified against the swirling chaotic waters.


  • Chromatic Dragons (black, blue, green, red, white) are almost universally evil, seeking only to slake their endless lust for food, treasure, and bloodshed.


  • Dahak is the patron god of evil dragons, particularly the chromatic dragons. Son of Apsu and Tiamat.
  • Dis The second layer of Hell.
  • Dread Line The infamous route from Casmaron, via Sedeq, across the Obari, to Geb. The Sunken Galleys have been rowing the Dread Line during the steady summer doldrums. They are heavily laden with cargo just as they were a century ago. It is believed that all ships attempting to uncover the Dread Line’s secrets have ended up on the bottom of the sea. The Dread line starts in Sedeq, goes across the Obari to Mechitar, Geb, and might end in Katapesh. The “Sunkey Galleys” that sail the line during Doldrums season are presumed to transported dead dragon hoard from the east. In Mechitar, Bloodlords are separating the dead dragon spirits from their hoards.


  • Gray Dragons Former platinum metallic dragons cursed into grayness by Dahak.


  • Immortal Ambulatory Apsu’ flying island home that can planeshift.
  • Infernal Line Gray Dragon enterprise that starts in Absalom, goes through the Inner Sea, and ends in Westcrown, Cheliax. The ships sailing the line are transporting sleeping dragons. These dragons are destined to be awakened by Devil binding powers in Westcrown by House Grulios and Gray Agents. Costs a dragon half its hoard to be roused.


  • The Lethe part of river Styx that runs through Dis, Hell. Don’t go for a swim!


  • Maelstrom Mysterious and dangerously chaotic lands untouched by the gods that border and surround each of the planes on the Outer Sphere.
  • Metallic Dragons (brass, bronze, copper, gold, silver) are generally good and often protect the lands under their care.
  • Mordant Spire Island home to a clan of weird elves that guard passage to Azlant.


  • Nightstalls Katapesh’s most infamous black market auction. Nothing is off limits, nothing.



  • Obelisks of Destiny The genealogical record of metallic dragons.
  • Obelisks of Fate The genealogical record of chromatic dragons.
  • Obelisks of Fortune The genealogical record of ? dragons.
  • Obelisks of Misery The genealogical record of ? dragons.
  • Obelisk of Myth A obelisk in the Astral Plane that contains the names of Apsu’ chosen heroes.


  • Pakthryxl deep slumber that affects dragons who are cut off from magic. The dragon sleeps and slowly dies.
  • Pirate King operates near the Eye of Abendego. May be the Pirate Queen’s benefactor.
  • Pirate Queen aka False Pirate Queen. The infamous female pirate captain who is shrouded in mystery. Leads a powerful pirate fleet operating near Magnimar. The Goddess Besmara does not approve.
  • Platinum Dragons Dahak hunted them into extinction. They were metallic dragons said to be the most powerful, beautiful, and incorruptible.


  • Rocks of Fate Said to be near Raptor island…


  • Sunken Galleys The name for the transport ships operating on the Dread Line. Usually powered by undead rowers.



  • Veiled Master Aboleth leader and noble.
  • Vira Grulios the family estate of the Grulios family in Westcrown. The Grulios family is the 3rd most powerful noble family in Cheliax. Lord Asad Grulio is the patriarch of the family and lives alone at the Vira. A large basement vault is hidden under the estate.
  • Voshgurvaghol Aboleth Temple in the Arcadian Ocean near the Mordant Spire. Contains a birthing chamber for Shoggoths.

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