Communal Gear

Individual Gear

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Notable Items

  • Sun Orchid Elixir
  • Veiled Master Soul Gem
  • Ship Submerging Pearl
  • Planar Guide
  • Clockwork Charger
  • Clockwork Dragon
  • Book of Marvelous Recipes
  • Vaghol


h3. COINS, GEMS, & VALUABLES Platinum 8008 Gold 20956gp Silver Copper Gems/Jewels 1 head-sized gem (with soul) = 20,000gp at least, 9,000 gp worth of shipping goods/ noble finery h3. WEAPONS h3. ARMOR h3. MAGIC ITEMS Potions: 5x Ambrosia "Remove Paralysis": = 300gp 10x CLW = 500gp 5x CMW = 1200gp 2x CSW = 1500gp 4x Stabilize = 100gp 2x "Longstrider": = 100gp "Water Breathing": = 750gp "Oil of Align Weapon Lawful": = 300gp "Protection from Arrows": = 300gp 3x "Bull's Strength": = 900gp "Mage Armor": = 50gp "Invisibility": = 300gp "Blur": = 300gp Eagle's Splendor = 300gp Wands Detect Magic (20) CMW (8) CLW (10) CLW (28) Scrolls: "Knock": = 50gp "Endure Elements": = 25gp "Consecrate": = 25gp (group) "Hide From Undead": = 75gp "Air Bubble": = 25gp "Suggestion": = 375gp "Vampiric Touch": = 375gp "Comprehend Languages": = 25gp 2x "Disguise Self": =50gp "Restful Sleep":Restful Sleep = 25gp "Hold Person": = 375gp "Wall of Ice": =700gp "Atonement": =1125gp "Mage’s Disjunction": =3828gp "Mage’s Private Sanctum": = 1125gp Wondrous: Alchemical-Items.jpg 2x "Sunrods":—-final/goods-and-services/herbs-oils-other-substances#TOC-Sunrod = 4gp 2x "Wyvern Poison": = 6000gp 1x Big Sting Poison = 3000gp 8x Thunderstones 1x "greenblood oil": = 100gp h3. Mundane/Miscellaneous 2x mw manacles (good locks) key ring to numerous Saffron slave collars 11x Silk Rope (550 ft.) =110gp Darkwood Flute = 35gp Climber's Kit = 80gp Lead Lined Chest = 14gp x20 +1 fish hooks mw fishing net mw fishing tackle mw torturer's tools Aboleth Skull = ??? bottle of strange alchemical nodules labeled in ancient Azlanti “sea serpent bait" Aboleth Lab Gear = ? Exotic Griffon Military Saddle = 30gp Griffon Bit/Bridle = 2gp The Annals of Shorgul Naboth Updated Apr 27 by Goethe … Main Page

Communal Gear

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