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True identify is Deevdrukifel (Gray Son), son of Gray Scale. A half-gray dragon with sickly scales. He has his own agenda.


Not much is known. He lived in Sedeq for a period of time working on wish crafting. Seemed to be involved in the first patkthryxl and possibly knows why it failed. Was captured on his way to Azlant by the Mordant Spire, months before the crew of the Deep Sea Current set sail.

Personality and Relationships

State is a very obsessive person. Willing to spend absurd amounts of time and effort to accomplish his goals. He is supremely confident in his own agenda that it gives other Gray Sept members pause for concern. Loves the feel of power and hates being seen as inferior in anyway. He potentially sees himself as a problem solver on par with his Father.

  • Gray Dragons Respects his father and seems to be indifferent to the rest. Slate’s own agenda has rubbed other Gray Dragons the wrong way.
  • Reskafar He likes the Kobold
  • Lorenz He is wary of talking with him, but carries no ill will.
  • Aven Respects his prowess
  • Myrrh Respects his prowess
  • Mr. Finn never met him but is aware of him.
  • Goethe his NEMESIS. Hates his guts.
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He was rescued from the Mordant Spire as part of the terms of the Azlanti expedition contract. Once in Azlant, he used a wish to transform into a Platinum Dragon using the platinum dragonhide armor stolen from Great Hunter. After transforming, he vanished and presumably activated the pakthryxl proxy at the Obelisks of Destiny and Obelisks of Fate. The crew has been hot on his heels ever since. Goethe’s mortal enemy.

He visited Vira Grulios in Westcrown and had some dealing with his nephew, Murk, a week before the crew arrived. Rumored to be searching the River Styx between Dis, Hell and Axis for a set of dragon obelisks.

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Yigorin Slate

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