Opalescent Line Synopsis

Scene 1 – Immortal Captivity opalpalace.jpg
The crew was judged by the Elder Wyrm Council the leaders of the Immortal Ambulatory. During the trial the crew pleaded their case that they were led to Great Hunter’s hoard under false pretenses and meant him no harm. Furthermore, they considered leaving after finding Great Hunter sleeping, but greed got the better of them. Lastly, they profusely apologized. The Elder dragons were unmoved. To save their skins the crew confessed what they knew about Yigorin Slate. The council was shocked to learn of Gray Scale’s involvement and Slate’s platinum transformation. The Elder Dragons shared the forgotten legend of the Platinum Dragons and the existence of the dangerous false pakthryxl. The council’s verdict was lenient in the end. The crew was sentenced to make their way to the city of Midvale, on the Ambulatory, to await Great Hunter’s fair punishment. It was his hoard that was plundered so it was his choice.

Scene 2 – Servitors of Midvale barserver.jpg
The crew trekked across the flying islands and fought off several T-Rexs until they reached Midvale. Great Hunter demanded a drinking contest before he would administer his punishment. Amazingly, Aven and Great Hunter tied, and after a few exceptional dirty jokes were told, all became fast friends. Great Hunter’s punished the crew by making them his indentured servants for a spell. Fortunately, there was extra help because at Great Hunter’s hoard the Deep Sea Current was docked with the remaining crew. The crew was tasked to scrub his lair, inventory his hoard, open a tavern, drink every night, and build docks – many docks. Later, Great Hunter came clean and explained that he was tasked to keep them all busy until the Elder Dragon Council sorted out the Gray Dragon’s grave threat. It’d probably take a few years or so.

Scene 3 – Crossing the Ambulatory skeletaldragon.jpg
One night, a storm on the Ambulatory caught everyone’s attention. Great Hunter wanted to check it out. From the eye of the storm, an invasion force of skeletal dragon scrouges descended and attacked Midvale. This coincided with Great Hunter falling asleep. The crew fought off the undead dragons and returned Great Hunter to his lair. Vilya Sul was waiting. She told everyone, she had tracked Slate to a series of flying islands and demanded help retrieving her magic lamp. The crew got the Deep Sea Current flying by praying to Apsu’s Golden Wings, a plaque found on the main mast. They traced Slate’s steps to a series of floating mausoleums. After bypassing the tomb guardians the crew discovered Slate was taking down draconic names and erecting shrines to Dahak. The last flying island contained six obsidian obelisks.

Scene 4 – Obelisks of Destiny obsidianobelisk.png
Vilya identifed the island as the Obelisks of Destiny, which contain the genealogical record of every true metallic dragon ever born. The crew found the Obelisks’ dragon guardians asleep. All except, a clockwork dragon, which they managed to unwind. Lorenz took the mechanical dragon as a trophy! A hidden portal that led to a space between worlds was found. In the juncture, Slate had discarded his magic lamp, meaning his last wish was granted. Balijan the trapped genie inside the lamp told the crew that Slate had gone to the Obelisks of Fate, the genealogical record of the chromatic dragons. After some portal hopping the crew found a mad ranting Slate right after he got done doing something. Surprisingly Slate was gracious, but answered no questions. As he left, he told the crew to follow him, if they wanted answers. The crew tried following him through a portal but were transported to the Astral Plane by Apsu. Apsu laid out the dangers of the pakthryxl that threatened to send the world into chaos. Apsu wanted help ending the Gray Dragons once and for all. In exchange, he would let the crew tap into his reserve of overwhelming power. The crew accepted and chiseled their names in the Obelisk of Myth!

Scene 5 – Skyfall skyfall.png
Apsu returned the crew to the Deep Sea Current. At the ship, Balijan and Vilya Sul were reunited. As a final thanks, Vilya used her last wish to bolster the Deep Sea Current for the 10 mile fall to the sea. The crew dove the ship off the edge of the Immortal Ambulatory. During the fall, the crew met Slate once again, who was on his way to Sedeq. They challenged him to a race to the sea, but it ended with Goethe pissing Slate off. Also during the fall, a mysterious elemental presence kidnapped Aven for a short time and took a shine to the Deep Sea Current. The ship took tremendous damage from the plummet and only survived impact with the timely use of the submerge ship pearl. There barely alive, they drifted rudderless on a still sea.

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Opalescent Line Synopsis

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