Infernal Line Synopsis

koboldchief.jpg Chief Kibizax

Scene 1 – The Sewer Dragons of Absalom
Anchored outside the Flotsam graveyard in Absalom harbor, the crew was surprised to see Ashen on board a living wood ship named the Emerald Arrow. Relations broke down when Goethe provoked Ashen and ship’s captain, Denthanus. Something about Absalom had gotten into Goethe. The crew went ashore to look for clues regarding the whereabouts of Dartakithquent. After some diggings it seemed like a tribe of kobolds called the Sewer Dragons were working with Dartakith under the city. The crew had to tiptoe through layers and layers of traps to find the Sewer Dragons. Captain Reskafar, while negotiating with the quarreling Chief Kibizax and Trapmaster Tok, learned that Dartakith was not a Sewer Dragon ally but an enemy. After Tok accidentally electrocuted himself to death on one of his own traps the crew was free to enter Dartakithquent’s sewer lair.

dartakithquent.jpg Dartakithquent

Scene 2 – Dartakithquent
The crew quietly crept through the blood grub infested sewer tunnels that composed Dartakith lair’s outer parameter. The uneasy feeling of knowing you’re being watched was impossible to gnore. Zombie kobolds and ogres attacked and were defeated. The crew called out for Dartakithquent, important business needed to be discussed. A vampire guardian manifested from the blood grubs, who escorted the crew to a large chamber. Dartakithquent, a colossal vampiric gray dragon introduced himself atop a mountain of filth. His daughter Ashen had warned him so nothing would’ve given him more pleasure than ripping the spines out of the interlopers but he was ordered not to. Instead, civilized business was conducted. Dartakith’s writ was returned for a percentage of the total. Dartakith’ noticed how much Captain Reskafar sympathized with the Sewer Dragons and offered to wake up the Sewer Dragon’s dragonmaster, Lirovelix, for a price. Another contract was signed. Lirovelix would need to be transported to Westcrown, Cheliax for the ritual to be completed at the hands of Vira Grulios and Murk Karvectrul. Was devil binding involved in stopping the pakthyrxl?

Scene 3 – Convoy to Westcrown seaserpent.jpg
It was learned that the Emerald Arrow was being escorted to Westcrown, by an official Chellish escort ship called the Drowning Devil. Was it transporting a dragon too? The crew decided the best way to smuggle Lirovelix into Westcrown would be to partner with the Emerald Arrow. During the sail, the Deep Sea Current was attacked by a powerful deep sea serpent that had been lured to the ship by a group of gremlin stowaways. After some lucky strikes the serpent was defeated and the gremlins were hired. The Deep Sea Current caught up to the two ships, and after a lovely meal became part of the convoy.

kovgamux.png Apsu as Kovgamux

Apsu inhabited the stowed clockwork dragon and in a display of power made it known that he was beginning to doubt the crew. Apsu did not want devils bound into dragons. Apsu gave his heroes one more chance to prove their worth. Apsu arrival coincided with Goethe and Hexa’s devil talismans, GIGACETAN, devouring the sarglagon bound into the Drowning Devil, which further muddied the relationships within the convoy. A wary truce was reached. The crew teleported ahead to Westcrown to end the Infernal Line before any more dragons could be roused.

Scene 4 – Vira Grulios shadowmastiff.jpg
In Westcrown, the crew found the Miratanza warehouse used as a front by House Grulios. The City of Twilight’s nightly shadow beast infestation made securing the warehouse a chore. From the subdued warehouse employees, it was learned that the dragon waking operation was housed in Vira Grulios’ basement vault. A vault that would make Abadar drool. Master Goethe decided it was time for a father-son reunion. Asad Grulios was very happy to see his children and hosted a fabulous feast in their honor. He made it casually known that he wanted Goethe to take his proper place at his side , but only if Goethe consented to become a devilbound. After that, the dinner turned sour as accusations and insults flied as past family manners bubbled to the surface. The crew was thrown out on their backsides, but not before meeting the charming Murk, a half gray dragon contract devil, and initiating the contract to wake Lirovilex.

contractdevil2.jpg Murk Kavarkatrilv

Word reached Captain Reskafar that the Emerald Arrow was arriving in the evening ahead of schedule. The crew worked to prevent the Emerald Arrow from reaching the Vira estate. During this time, Goethe decided to take his father up on his offer after much deliberation. At the devil binding ceremony, Goethe was surprised and confused to learn that Murk would be the devil bound into his heart. The ritual was successful, albeit bloody and traumatizing to watch. Asad’s true goal was achieved; Goethe became Murk’s successor on the Infernal Line’s Hell side operation, thus giving House Grulios full control. Goethe’s mind was flooded with Murk’s influence that instructed him in his new role. To gain the upper hand in the relationship Goethe needed to locate the incomplete binding contract in Hell. The crew was all to happy to go the Hell! GIGACETAN provided the hellmouth and the Deep Sea Current was off to warmer waters.

Scene 5 – The Lethe
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