Dread Line Synopsis

Scene 1 – The Obari Doldrums okeno.jpg
The crew landed in the middle of the Obari ocean during the summer doldrums season with no means of propulsion. The first night adrift, a scary galley ship passed by in the fog. On the second day, an Okeno ship named, the Freedom, attacked. After a short but bloody skirmish, the crew commandeered the Freedom and had it tow the Deep Sea Current to Sedeq. In Sedeq, they met the harbormaster, Sohiz, who graciously invited them to an elegant party. At the party, Goethe found his lost sister, Hexa, enslaved as an entertainer. Lorenz negotiated a business arrangement with Sohiz to transport halfling slaves to Westcrown for ship repairs. Goethe purchased his sister from Sohiz at an exorbitant price. After the party, the crew learned about the Sunken Galleys and found Slate’s abandoned home. At Slate’s home they deciphered his three wishes and met his niece, Ashen Solliex, captain of the sunken galley named the Convocation.

Scene 2 – Showdown in the Mana Wastes
After the ship was repaired and magic means of sailing through the doldrums figured out. The Deep Sea Current set course to chase after Ashen who was on her way to Geb. They surmised her ship was carrying a dragon’s hoard. During the sail, they had another run in with the Personification of Fury. The Elemental God took control of the ship and told Aven it was time to go. They managed to buy Aven more time before he’d have to fight for the Fury on the Plane of Water.

galley.jpg The Convocation

The Deep Sea Current later caught up with the Convocation. The crew traded information on Slate to Ashen for an escort to Geb and a chance to rendezvous with Slate once again. At the meeting with Slate, they first met Ezgar the enforcer of the Dread Line. Ezgar took it upon himself to sink the Deep Sea Current and scattered the crew to the Mana Wastes.

aerodus.jpg Aerodus Pavo

While scrounging around in the Mana Wastes, they came upon the century old wreck of the Waybringer and eventually came face to face with its undead crew of Graveknight Aerodus Pavo, witchfire Lini Tacmet, and palestranger Theodric Camrad. Aerodus informed everyone that they were champions chosen by Apsu to combat the last pakthryxl. Ezgar defeated them. The undead crew challenged Apsu’s newest heroes to a mythic combat for the right to finish what they started a century ago. The crew barely won and took the Waybringer crew’s divine spark. Before the undead turned to dust, their final words pointed the crew to the Katapeshi Nightstalls.

coloroutofspace.jpg Color Out of Space

Scene 3 – Color Out of Space
The crew journeyed west through the Spell Scar desert until they reached Alkenstar City. There they took up a job in clearing the Ustradi river supply line of chartreuse monsters that were starving the city. After several battles, the crew reached the fleshforge known as the Vats just outside of Ecanus. They saved the flamboyant owner Rudhale of a chartreuse fate. Rudhale’s top secret carnivorous blobs broke out in the chaos and the crew rallied to stop the ooze horde before Ecanus was engulfed. Rudhale located the source of the chartreuse monsters at the Ustradi and Elemion river fork, an alien ooze known as a Color Out of Space. The crew was charged with its destruction. The battle did not go well at first, but they sated the ooze’s enormous appetite with Presto Oozes. It returned to space. It left a warning that a rogue planet had punched through the Diaspora. They sailed the river to Quantium to rejoin the rest of their crew.

personficationoffury.jpg Personification of Fury

Scene 4 – Ghost Ship of Katapesh
In Quantium, they learned from an old ally that a mysterious ghost ship was attacking ships near the Misamere. He claimed the ghost ship was the sunken, the Deep Sea Current! It was deduced the Personification of Fury was the cause. In the last encounter with the Fury, it took an interest in the Deep Sea Current. The theories proved correct when they found the ghost ship. The Personification of Fury was in no mood for taking. The Living Storm God thought it was disgraceful the crew left the Deep Sea Current trapped beneath the waves. It prepared to squash them like ants. Aven offered to go with the Elemental God ahead of schedule to save everyone. The God returned the ship. Aven was taken to the Plane of Water to battle for eternity. The shaken crew sailed to Katapesh City in search of the Nightstalls auction.

Scene 4b – Wedding at Sea
Lorenz and Kaledith got married in dramatic fashion off the coast of Katapesh City. Many friends, family, and old suitors attended. Truly a wedding of legend. Was it all for gold? Or was it something more pure?

gonewiththewind.png “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”

Scene 5 – The Nightstalls
In Katapesh City, Tebrilith found a new merfolk crew member, Mr. Finn. The pathfinder venture captain had a familiar, yet strangely calming aura, and fit seamlessly into the crew. The crew all quickly found their way into the infamous Nightstalls auction hosted by the Pactmasters. Before the auction it was learned that an incredible rare Sun Orchid Elixir was up for auction. They also learned Ezgar was lurking and knew of their presence.

ecorche.jpg Ezgar

After some cat and mouse games, the crew came face to face with the ecorche, Ezgar, at the Nightstalls. They pieced together that Ezgar was aiming for the youth renewing Sun Orchid Elixir for his master. Captain Reskafar and Lorenz used the money gained from Kaledith’s substantial dowry to outbid Ezgar. In blinding rage, Ezgar attacked the crew in the middle of the auction, but this time they were prepared and cut him down. In Ezgar’s belongings a valuable gold writ with Dartakithquent’s name on it was found. Dartakithquent was connected to the Sunken Galleys passing through Sedeq. They bribed the head Pactbroker in order to deliver the gold writ to Dartakith in Absalom, The City at the Center of the World.

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