Arcadian Line Synopsis

vilya.jpg Vilya Sul

Scene 1 – Pacifying Vilya Sul
Vilya Sul had her eyes on Slate’s magic lamp. She came every night and begged for its return. She swore Slate stole the lamp from her family and it was very precious to her. In repayment for her help in escaping the Mordant Spire, Myrrh promised to return her lamp after the expedition to Azlant was over. The crew questioned Slate about the lamp, he revealed, that he’d have no need for it after his three wishes were granted!

balta.jpg Captain Balta

Scene 2 – The Haunted Bicorn
The crew fished a bicorn out of the sea that once belonged to the infamous Captain Balta, who long ago stole a great treasure from the Pirate Goddess Besmara. Aven foolishly put on the hat which ended up followed him around like a bad penny. Far worse than that, a ghostly Captain Balta attacked each night looking for treasure. After a few days the Keplies Wrath came to parley. The Wrath took the bicorn away in exchange for three favors. Recover the treasure Captain Balta stole from beneath the waves, haul the treasure to a location to be named later, and kill the False Pirate Queen.

The crew found the stolen treasure locked away in an underwater cave guarded by magical rune traps. It turned out that one of the magical runes was the treasure. It’s name was Vahgol, a living rune, who was trapped in the cave. The crew promised to free Vahgol if it would become the ship’s navigator. Vaghol accepted. For completing the first task, the Keplies Wrath blessed the crew and gifted a magic pearl that can submerge a ship.

Scene 2b – Exploring Voshgurvaghol vosh.jpg
Vaghol was first rate with maps and books. After it looked through the sea charts stolen from the Mordant Spire, it located the lost Aboleth temple of Voshgurvaghol. Itching for treasure the crew activated the newly acquired submerge ship pearl and descended the waves to check it out. Inside the temple, the crew was attacked by Skum, Gibbering Mouthers, and a larval Shoggoth. After defeating all enemies they ransacked the sunken temple, including stealing four mammoth soul trapping sapphire gems, two of which imprisoned Aboleth Veiled Masters!

Scene 3 – The “Pirate Queen” piratebattle.jpg
Near Azlant, the crew came upon Caster’s Atoll, a coral island. On the island, the missing Tebrilith Peril was tied to a funeral pyre ready to be burned alive. A False Pirate Queen ship, the Shredder, was anchored. Lorenz saved Tebrilith in the nick of time and Aven successfully commandeered the Shredder during the battle. The Pirate Queen’s capital ship surfaced, the Never Enough, from the beneath the waves and a battle of broadsides commenced. Things were looking good until the low tides trapped the Deep Sea Current on the reefs. The crew parleyed with the Never Enough and exchanged prisoners in good faith. The Never Enough gave the crew a choice, surrender or face total destruction. Before the ultimatum deadline was up, the crew launched a daring plan. They sunk the Never Enough with powder kegs from the inside the ship and slew the False Pirate Queen, Volla Afalle. The Goddess Besmara rejoiced and rained down gold coins from the heavens in celebration. A mysterious voice warned of the Pirate King.

dragonturtle.jpg Litrixpical

Scene 4 – The Eastern Reefs
After reaching Azlant, the Deep Sea Current veered off course and attacked a war-band of Sahuagin on the shoreline. After defeating the mutants, the crew found out that they inadvertently saved the Undine village of Nyglune. In thanks, the Mayor lent skilled guides to take the crew to Great Hunter’s territory. In traveling, the crew encountered a sexy nereid, giant merrows, a humongous dragon turtle, electric jellyfish, and starving sea drakes.

dragonhoard.jpg Great Hunter

Scene 5 – Great Hunter’s Hoard
After getting past the dragon turtle, Litrixpical, who was guarding the entry into Great Hunter’s territory, the crew set out on foot with Slate’s map. After a harrowing journey, with frequent wyvern attacks, the crew found Great Hunter’s hidden lair. Inside the liar, the crew struck down the Wyvern Chief, Big Sting, and his mate. Great Hunter, a copper great wyrm, was found sleeping peacefully near his impressive hoard. Consumed by greed and contractual obligations the crew plundered the hoard, once it was determined that the dragon was strangely asleep with no signs of waking. Slate used a wish from his magic lamp to transform himself into a Platinum Dragon by becoming one with a set of shiny dragon-hide armor found in the hoard. Slate vanished in triumph, only offering that he was on his way to shake things up. Emissaries from Apsu’s Immortal Ambulatory descended and arrested the crew for hoard theft.

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Arcadian Line Synopsis

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