The Pakthryxl Proxy

The Indestructible Creature!!! Boated with the Blood of its Victims!!!

Captain’s log found in a gunnel

“Wow. That’s a lot of screaming coming from Ecanus. Huh. Mages are tough I’m sure not many will get absorbed. Bil Li draw me a bath. I just got a new idea for an ooze. Picture an ooze that digests your food for you! Think about it no more chewing!”, snapped Rudale, apparently his melancholy was short lived. You didn’t need to be a mind scientist to see Rudhale had no intentions of stopping his blobs. However, his rash demeanor got under Goethe and Lorenz’s skin like a tick.

“We’ll stop the blobs! I’m sure we’ll be handsomely rewarded by Ecanus”, quoted Lorenz.
“That’s the spirit”, shouted Rudhale already in his bathrobe, “Little known fact! Fleshforges make fantastic bath tubs”.

We were off to Ecanus in a flicker. I had much trepidation in my dragon soul. Blobs and oozes are freaking terrifying to fight under the best circumstances let alone blind. We appeared in front of the north gate. I am starting to get used to this teleporting thing! Hundreds of people were fleeing the city in a chaotic rush. I saw more than one person get flattened by the mob and saw much looting. We spotted a platoon of city guards pushing against the bedlam.

“We’re here to help. We’ve been tracking a chartreuse ooze for many miles. Tell us where to go and we will annihilate it”, Aven offered to the guard Captain. The battlemage, Tsadok, looked us over with a knowing look. We must of passed his internal test because he told us where to best support his troops.

Goethe casted a few fly spells and we weaved around the building in a mad dash. The freaking carnivorous blob was the size of a three story building! My “we’re dead” thoughts intensified. Who knew how many pounds of flesh it had already consumed. City guards were busy trying to box it in with magic, but their parameter wasn’t finished. The blob steadily was pulling screaming people out a cobblestone building one at a time like it was eating grapes off a vine. As each person got dissolved the ooze swelled a little more. It was only a matter of seconds before Funky Boy was going to split again!

We took our positions hovering above the buildings. We spotted a foolish bunch of city mages trying to sneak by the blob. Lorenz did his best to direct them away. I squeezed off a shot at the blob only for it to be deflected by an amorphous pseudopods. Goddamnit, I hate anything that doesn’t fall down when shot! I thought to myself, “I made it through Vosh I can make it through this bullshit”. I opened fire like never before. My bullets would’ve blocked out the sun if it was sunny out!

Goethe experimented with a new spell that I had never seen him use before. He summoned a toxic cloud of gas near the blob which drove the monster back further into a building. I heard a person from inside the building scream, “Oh God! Who casted cloud kill?”, then silence. It occurred to me that Goethe may have been trying to kill the blob’s food source, but I don’t think he would do that. Would he? The blob made it to the top of the ramshackle building to get away from the death cloud. With the ooze out of reach Goethe dismissed the noxious cloud. The carnivorous blob spotted the group of sneaky mages who were desperately preparing to close off the trapping parameter. The blob rained down on them like a bloody waterfall of death.

Sometimes I think Lorenz has a no self preservation instinct. He has a soft spot for weak munthreks. The crazy bastard actual swan dived into the pulsating ooze after the swallowed guards! I bet his life flashed before his eyes a few times. I had to help so I decided to put Bruner’s teaching to the test. Can a tiny bullet move a hundred ton blob? Hell yes it can! I packed my musket with a lot of black powder and took aim. It sounded like a freaking cannon when I fired. The bullet hit the ooze with a concussive force so great it rippled through the ooze like a fat guy belly flopping in a pond. I managed to move the colossal ooze uncovering the smashed guards and Lorenz. Lorenz looked immaculate except he was grasping on to a bloody detached arm of an absorbed guard. But he did manage to save a different guard’s whole body before the blob recovered. If you ask me, it was a goddamn miracle he saved even one of the guards from that indestructible monster.

The blob freshly bloated with guard blood recovered by splitting into two gigantic blobs! The two half size blobs tried to escape to the city through an alley way. Aven, Goethe, and I managed to destroy them before they got too far into the meat and blood buffet that is Ecanus. I learned a valuable lesson fighting that blob. Big blob, little blob. It didn’t matter, I’m the guy with the gun.

We helped mop up the living gore piles for the rest of the evening. Ecanus owes us big time and I aim to collect.


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