The Pakthryxl Proxy

Memoirs of an Oracle #1

B-Squad Adventures #1

The story tied to my thread of fate has never been told. Many won’t believe me as I unravel it, but everything I write is as true as the ocean is blue. I wasn’t born an oracle, my powers awakened in my seventy seventh year, the year I was freed from slavery by a group of mythic heroes on a quest to save the world. I remember it like it was yesterday…

Chapter 1: Unshackled

I was purchased for 750 gold, from Sepyt Batab Sohiz II, the one hundred and ninetieth harbormaster of Sedeq by a ferocious looking undine man. It was the most gold I was ever sold for, but thankfully it was the last time I was traded. The undine man turned out to be Aven. This was sometime before he became famous during the Brine Wars on the elemental plane of water. Aven later told me he wasn’t going to buy me but did so on a whim to gain favor with the golden jackal Sohiz. At that time, I didn’t know what to think. I was bubbling turmoil on the inside and unruffled calm on the outside. In other words, I was the quintessential slave. I knew how to survive Sohiz, I didn’t know if I could survive belonging to such a beastly owner. It was a short time later when I met the rest of Aven’s crew mates including the most famous Kobold in the history of the world.

“Lord Vestin will see to you. So don’t come to me with your idiot questions”, was the first thing Captain Reskafar said to me and the rest of the purchased slaves after coming on board the Deep Sea Current. I couldn’t believe that a small shifty looking black Kobold toting an enormous musket was the Captain!

“We have a motto nailed above the galley. When you’re here, you’re family. Remember it, live it, it may save your life someday”, was the last thing he said before taking his leave. It sounded like a ridiculous slogan for some garden variety olive restaurant in Sedeq. An empty phrase or so I thought.

“Don’t look so glum, Bluey. You’re not a slave here. We don’t care if you swim away without saying bon voyage. But if you choose to stay, you will be part of something special. This crew is one of a kind. What the captain said is true. We take care of each other like family on this ship”, was the first thing Lorenz Vestin IV said to me. Lord Vestin spoke with a rare conviction that could move mountains or sink valleys so you couldn’t not listen to him. Looking back now, it is easy to see why he soared up the Church of Abadar ranks at record speed.

I was intrigued. I soon after met the rest of the senior crew, Professor Goethe Garax and Myrrh. This was well before Goethe got his picture hung in the Hall of Summoning at the Acadamae and well before the now infamous assassin Myrrh shocked the world. Anyone could tell the executive crew had an electric aura about them. It was like they were more in-tune with life than the rest of us. They seemed larger than life with room to grow. I only planned to stay until I could learn all their secrets. But the Gods had a different twist of fate in store for me.

Chapter 2: Elemental Ambush and a Rhinoceros

I was still in my infancy as an oracle when I had to defend myself and adopted crew from monsters. I learned quickly that Captain Reskafar’s crew attracted violence like blood attracts sharks. In a cramped sea cave in the desolate Spellscar desert around midnight was the site of my violent baptism. I shouldn’t have to tell you that the Spellscar desert is an unpredictable place due to its primal magic storms, but it bares repeating a hundred times. The Spellscar desert in an unpredictable place! When primal magic surges you have to throw out the rule book and go with the magically flow. Your at its mercy. On that night, the primal magic summoned a quartet of seething elementals and a grumpy rhinoceros.

The junior executive crew was in charge of the camp that night. The senior crew decided to follow a pale stranger into the Mana Wastes to meet a century old Grave Knight that morning. Their adventure is a story for another time! The junior executives composed of Lady Kaledith, Lady Hexa, Dervish, and Helig. Some of these names you may have heard of. Lady Kaledith later bought half of Druma, Lady Hexa became a key player in the Garax Ascendancy of Cheliax, Dervish retired as a legend from the Qadira fighting pits, and if you haven’t heard of Vestin’s man Helig than you probably have been living under a rock for the last fifty years.

I promised the Captain I’d protect his crew while he was away. He said four little words to me in response, “Protect your crew, Nomawyn”. He had already accepted me.

Luckily, the fire, lightning, sand, and mud elementals ignored me due to my undine lineage but the others weren’t so lucky, especially Helig. He has always had a knack for being unlucky. He was put to sleep immediately by the sandman and trampled by the rhino. The ever brave Dervish fought the fire elemental toe-to-toe while on fire without so much as flinching. Hexa bifurcated the lightning elemental and mud wrestled with the mudman. I used my oracle powers to summon crocodiles and bolster my allies. My novice magic may have done more harm than good! I could not control my magic sufficiently to prevent the primal magic storm from causing further chaos in the form of giant bugs, lightning bolts, and confusion. Again poor Helig took the brunt of the beating. In the end, the unpredictable storm did us a favor by swallowing up the sandman and unsummoning the rhino. I think I earned a modicum of respect from the others, but I knew I had a long way to go to master my oracle powers.

In the aftermath, we found a hidden chest that once belonged to Lorenz Vestin the First buried in the sea cave rubble. The chest contained more wealth than I have ever seen, in addition to a treasure map with two big Xs. Was this fate or coincidence? The thought still lights a fire in my belly. Soon after, I ran headlong into my first adventure!!!


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