The Pakthryxl Proxy

Game 0.1

Ambush on the way to church

The information of the value of the cargo of the Crab Cage, it was decided to use this to our advantage. Lorenz, Goethe, and I went to the Golem Works to get an audience with the principal acquisitioneer. Lorenz spoke with the mage in the guard post. The words and aura about Lorenz just makes people do whatever he wants them to do. It is an impressive talent. Is it an internal, learned strength, or is there something magical about that man. It did not take too long for the guard to fumble over himself and go and get a Half-orc mage, Garash.

Few words were exchanged between them, and we were invited in to have a conversation. I would like to consider it a conversation, but there was far more being said in the silence than what was spoken. Lorenz passed a note to Garash with an amount for our silence or support for them to get the Crab Cage. Garash did not appreciate this amount and there were offers and counter offers. Finally, an offer to animate our future ship was intriguing enough for us to talk this through. Sadly, none of this really means anything to me. Goethe seemed to think that the offer is more than generous for our help. It was decided upon, and we were told that we would get a decision early in the morning from the Golem Works. Prior to leaving, Garash gave us a note with a seal to hand to any of the mages of the Golem Works that would stop them from attacking us. It seems the Scarnetti’s have already visited here and received aid from them. This family is becoming more and more annoying to our goals.

Goethe left to do some preparation for tomorrow morning. Lorenz had a couple of places to stop at, so I decided to trail him for safety purposes. It was a fine decision. One of the Golem Works’ mages appeared in the middle of the street. He did not seem to notice either of us. While we were paying attention to the mage, a Halfling attacked Lorenz from the shadows. I sprang into action and stabbed the Halfling in the back. The mage attacked me with a stream of acid that continued to burn. Lorenz immobilized the thief while I attempted to wave off the attack with the letter we received from Garash, the golem mage. Lorenz delivered the note while I continued to stick the Halfling. I was ready for him to pay for attacking us. The mage read the note and backed away leaving the fray. The Ogre-ish intimidator from the bar came onto the scene, but Lorenz was able to make him turn tail and leave with but a word. Very impressive.

The guard was on its way and I felt it time to fuck right off after dropping the halfling on the ground via his face. I left Lorenz to the guard and headed to a safe house to see what amount of capital I may be able to scrounge up for the auction tomorrow. I did not get as much as we may need, but it should be helpful.

We all circled back to Geothe’s place to continue to discuss what is necessary for the morning. I believe Lorenz may have more to say about the halfling and his dealings with the guard.


Reskafar Happenings…

Mangnimar is truly a magnificent sight. Powerful dragons must have helped build such towering structures and monuments. Rarely has a kobold seen such sights, but it is unsafe for a kobold. I found, Underbridge in the Shadow, as the best place to lay low after my dingy made it to shore. The munthrek have no community for the Dankblade would not allow such a slum to proliferate. Eggs would not be safe in such a vice infested district. I need to learn where the pirates gather. Magnimar is not safe for a kobold. Soon I may need to start making holes to survive.

Game 0.1

I love it when things fall into place. That murderous short stack seems like he will be of some use. Shouting out Scarnetti’s name may prove fatal for the boy, but it serves my purpose well enough. That ill mannered excuse for a noble will have to stand to my accusations… while the chances he is prosecuted are slim it will keep him from a very important auction. I am sure my colleagues are more than a match for the henchmen that will be forced to represent Scarnetti. I am having second thoughts about the murderous halfling… after all he was just doing his job. And if he survives the Scarnetti’s he may be of some future use. He will have to replace this shirt before he is in my good graces.

Game 0.1
blakealandarst Farticus

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