The Pakthryxl Proxy

A Mysterious Captain Jeik?

Captain's Log

I spotted something floating in the water from miles away. I gave the order for the Deep Sea Current to slow down and the order for the Valdemar munthrek to salvage the mysterious rasvim. It looked like a great crest of a jeik if you never-mind the ocean odor and rotten blue horse leather. My old captain, rest his soul, worn one but it had considerably more bullet holes and scorch marks than the floating jeik. It was to big for me so I left it to my first-mate Aven who worn on his head like a shark fin. We all had a good laugh which was welcomed after the Adoro attack.

The mysterious jeik soon become more mysterious in the passing days. It was following Aven around the ship like a fly to a dead fish. Lorenz between sea sickness bouts soon told us it was chikohk. Aven tossed the jeik into the water but it was soon around the next corner waiting for him. It was bloody funny since Aven was panicking (as much as Aven can panic). Aven may have even consulted Goethe for analysis.

At the stroke of midnight on the 3rd day, the jeik manifested the ghost of the infamous Captain Balta. I had heard stories that Captian Balta was cursed by Besmara for false offerings. He looked long dead and rotten but his lust for gold was insatiable as ever. He demanded tribute to be thrown into the sea. He would smile a toothless empty smile as he fixated on the sinking rasvim. I stood there is bewilderment as Captain Balta made further demands of gold and more bewilderment as Aven kept throwing coin overboard. Soon Myrrh was sounding the alarm on the top deck so I scurried up to see what was the matter.

Many brine phaos or draugr were slowly climbing up the hull of the Deep Sea Current. Myrrh gave me a look not of fear but of confusion. On the high seas, hesitation even for a klewar can sink a ship and lead to doom. I gave him the order to kill the barnacle-encrusted walking corpses and I opened fire. Captain Balta appeared before me in an instance to protect his ‘crew’ and demanded more tribute to the sea. I don’t take orders on my own ship plus I wanted to see if holes can be made into ghosts. I fired a salvo into his ghostly chest and was excited to see a Captain Balta bleed. He was tricky to fight as in kept flying through solid walls and giving us evil looks that suppressed our will to live. We finally managed to vanquish the ghost with our community of magic weapons. Goethe almost lost all his will to live and afterwards could only communicate in grunts, snorts, and drooling. Honestly I have seen sea gulls with more spirit.

Three days passed and the jeik still followed Aven around like a bad copper penny. I suggested we put the jeik on our elf prisoner and leave him in adrift in a rowboat. My suggestion was gaining traction until Captain Balta manifested again seeking tribute. He didn’t seem to have any recollection of us. This time we had no hesitation and my musket blew him to pieces before the ghost could harm us.

During the second fight with Captain Balta unexpectedly a great galleon emerged from the dark depths of the sea. The wake of the great ship almost capsized the Deep Sea Current. The massive ship was covered in arcane carvings and the towering masts barely supported the moldy sails and rigging. Sea weed, barnacles, and coral were in the places where wood and steel would be. Draugr were swarming the top deck and gun ports were open. Could this be Captain Balta’s ship? What is a captain to do?

“Parley!”, I cried. The gun ports closed and a gangplank descended.


Woohoo, an adventure log! …I feel better now. :) Nice use of draconic! So guys, use this comments section for out-of-character comments like this one. If you feel like writing a log, create a whole new entry. If you don’t have the time or willpower to write, don’t stress! If you want to write every week, please do!

Thanks! ~Blake

A Mysterious Captain Jeik?

I just noticed this comment. I hope the OP folks in the future put a feature that displaying the number of comments on a post. Maybe its here already and I just haven’t noticed it.

A Mysterious Captain Jeik?
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