The Pakthryxl Proxy

A man swims; a woman runs.

...a noble lies.

Peril bolted just as Thrul reached the docks, sprinting into the bustling chaos of the city. After bringing Thrul to unconsciousness, Aven tied up the pruned brute while Myrrh and Goethe gave chase after the woman. The woman was fast, and frightened, but beyond both perhaps, skilled in stealth. Tiefling and Kitsune made their way deeper into the city, prying information from bystanders; Myrhh excelled while Goethe alarmed.

At the Sea Dragon, Aven, Lorenz, and Reskafar took the mauled barbarian inside. Aven opted to stay inside and keep an eye on their captive, perhaps because he enjoyed the feel of a ship, or because he planned to kill him after the others left. These thoughts gave Lorenz pause for a moment as he and the kobold made their way back outside to follow the others. Tracking Goethe was far easier than than tracking the woman.

Minutes later, the four find one another; the woman was gone. It was a minor loss. Lorenz was certain they would see the woman again. Resigned, the group returned to the Sea Dragon to interrogate Bulumbar Thrul.

Returning belowdecks, the five truly see the beast they have wounded. A massive man, no, not a man, a half-elf, the largest any of them had ever seen. The graceful and lithe biology of the elves was lost on this half-breed. They quickly gather they would dare not face this one at his best. As his wrinkled, pickled skin displayed, he’d been at sea for days, swimming. Hard to imagine the rage, fortitude, or both, that would allow such extreme exertion.

Checking his bonds one more time, Lorenz used some of his divine magic to heal Thrul to consciousness. Over the interrogation, the true tale of Peril’s acquisition of the ship came to light. Using illusion, Peril made a powder barrel appear on fire and ready to blow, thus convincing Thrul and the rest of the crew to jump ship. With only herself, or a skeleton crew loyal to her remaining, she made sail to Magnimar to sell her deceit-bought ship as quickly as possible.

Thrul’s rage could still be seen through his exhaustion. He pleaded for them to kill her, or to let him do the same. He hid it well enough, but there was also fear, fear that the Pirate Queen would hear of his failure, and also hear of Peril’s wit. Neither option pleased him. That was the sort of thing the Queen would respect, perhaps even reward. His reward, however, would be less savory. What remained to be decided by his captors was to either turn him in for potential bounty, or kill him and be done with it.

After leaving him to contemplate his fate in the bowels of the Sea Dragon, the crew remembered something they would learn to regret in several minutes; they had not asked to see the map that Kaledith Sevardomos had claimed to possess at their first meeting. After perfunctory greetings and questions of progress, they wasted no more time, “Might we see this map, Kaledith?”

After much avoidance of the question, they forced the truth from her. The map is held by a family friend, a man named Yigorin Slate. Also, that man is being held captive by the elves of the Mordant Spire. We will have to free that man to retrieve the map, so that we may continue our voyage.

This was not the arrangement. She lied to us. Our agreement was not made in good faith.

A renegotiation is in order.


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