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  • babysitting great wyrms?
  • access to literal hoards of wealth?
  • divine ranks to encounter foes no sane party would challenge?
  • summoning demonic forces for the greater good?
  • facing the consequences of your inconsiderate self’s future actions?
  • time cop robot cowboys?
  • sacrificing teammates in seizures of irrational evil?
  • rescuing said teammates from a lifetime of service in hell?
  • pimping your own castle?
  • the half-dragon template applied to just about anything and everything?
  • super mysterious islands and sideways realities? (Curse you Abrams!)
  • near incomprehensible supernatural conspiracies?
  • undead hoards destroying your favorite metropolis?
  • gods raping other gods?
  • losing your sanity from seeing gods raping other gods?
  • fostering godlings?
  • planar banishment?
  • airship vs. dragon combat?
  • getting owned by psychic kung fu masters?
  • getting royally cursed by your own loving family?
  • thwarting the end of the world on a semi-regular basis?

Well, too bad! Those points describe the last two incarnations of my turbo-charged Io Campaign. Both survived to epic levels, but halted under the weight of impossible encounter generation using 3.5’s truly massive content collection. However, I’ve rewritten the campaign once again for the Pathfinder Campaign setting. Using Pathfinder’s adventure path model I hope to find resolve within 20 levels. The story will undergo significant changes to fit Golarion’s history. Fortunately, this makes the narrative completely new for returning players, but the spirit of the Io Campaigns lives on!

It’s still all about having access to and exploring all the game has to offer, especially content you would never otherwise try out, all as if your life depended on it… because it will. Seriously, I’ll do uncharacteristically bad things to your characters, but I’m rooting for you the whole time! It shall be called the Pakthryxl Proxy adventure path.


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