The Dragons have fallen asleep! Their vast hoards are ripe for the plundering. A world teeters on the brink. The Gods, themselves, have become mere pawns. Factions, alliances, and allegiances will be tested to the last.

Nothing is ever black and white – Everything is Gray, if you care to take a closer look!

Welcome to the Pakthryxl Proxy

There is a tragic legend concerning the existence of the Gray Dragons that time has nearly wiped away. It is known only by the wisest and most ancient of Great Wyrms and the oldest of the Gods. Although the Gray Dragons are long forgotten, they are far from extinct and rich in motive. They have a plan. All of Golarion will bend a knee before them unless they are stopped.

The crew of the pirate ship, the Deep Sea Current, work at an unhurried pace, even when facing long odds. Hey! When your press ganged by a God or two to do their dirty work, why not savor the flavor? The crew comes from every walk of life that the world has to offer: a cursed wizard, a chosen warrior, a noble debtor, a land lovin’ merfolk, a smiling assassin, and a black Kobold. They too have a plan. Plunder every booty, parley with every foe, and – if time allows, route the Gray Dragons in their stead.

The Pakthryxl Proxy is a campaign focused on taking the Pathfinder rules and setting to the absolute limit. PCs are encouraged to indulge themselves like their life depends on it because honestly it does! The adventure is going to sail past the late game, steam through the end game, and explore what’s lies beyond.

  • Mythic Ranks Bring it on!
  • Dragons Great Wyrms and up!
  • Gods Of course.
  • Mystery A slow burn…
  • Plane Hopping In hilarious ways…
  • Outer Space Beam me up!
  • Life or Death Action Extravaganza Check!
  • In-Depth Role-Playing For the dinner sequences alone.

Are just a few of the things this campaign will explore!


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