Grayscale Sept

The pakthryzxl proxy is the Gray Dragons’ doing. Time to figure out what we know.

graydragon.jpg Gray Scale

Ternockifel (Gray Scale) Presumably gray dragon father to both Dartakithquent & Deevdrukifel. Created Ezgar.

Theories/Questions: Presumably the architect of pakthryxl, calling the shots, and true gray (full) dragon. How is he still alive? Did he turn himself undead like Dartakithquent? What is he doing with all that dragon hoard wealth? May have been the one to arrange our initial Azlanti contract. Wants us alive or so it seems.

mother.png Suryx’s Love

Old Gray Suryx Presumed to be Ternockifel’s Mate and very old! The Sun Orchid Elixir was for her. She is presumably one of the last pure gray dragon females alive. She may be approaching twilight or the end of her life.

Theories/Questions: Was she part of the last platinum dragon’s clutch of gray eggs? Are our Suryx tears we got from Dartakithquent from her? Is she dying?

slate.jpg Yigorin Slate

Deevdrukifel (Gray Son) AKA Yigorin Slate Half-Gray Dragon who used our crew and started the Pakthryxl. Son to Ternockifel, and brother to Dartakithquent.

Theories/Questions: Why did he wish to be platinum? Perhaps he is jealous of not being a true gray dragon. Was unhealthy looking when in his half-dragon form. Seems to be a loose cannon among his sept. Unknown mother. Seeks he Obelisk of Misery.

dartakithquent.jpg Dartakithquent

Dartakithquent (Gods Hater) Vampiric great gray wyrm. Son to Ternockifel, and half-brother to Deevdrukifel. Cares deeply for his daughter, Ashen. Overseer of the Infernal line from the Sewers of Absalom.

Theories/Question: Why did he spare us? Why give us the Suryx Tears? He looked to be a full Gray Dragon, meaning both his parents are true grays.

ashen.jpg Ashen Silloex

Ashen Silloex (Halfdead) Damphir half-gray dragon daughter to Dartakithquent, niece to Deevdrukifel. Supervised the Dread line, but now chaperons ships on the Infernal line.

Theories/Questions: I believe she is loyal to her family, but may not be totally committed to the Gray cause due to the fact she helped us against Ezgar. Unknown mother.

contractdevil.png Murk Kavarkatrilv

Murk Kavarkatrilv (Fiendspawn) Charming member of the Grayscale Sept working in Westcrown, brother to Ashen. A Contract Devil with gray skin and wings. Lives in Dis. Currently bound into Goethe’s heart.

Theories/Question: Could be the one who binds Pit Fiends into sleeping dragons. Probably resides in second layer of Hell, known as Dis.


If the legend about the Grays is true then all True Gray dragons come from three possible sources. The original platinum dragon turned gray, a hatchling from her gray clutch, or are inbred. So they might be crazy.

Brilliant Matron’s Legend of the Gray Dragons:
“When Dahak descended to the Material Plane and began his slaughter of the mortal dragons there, he began with the powerful and incorruptible platinums. He succeeded so completely that only one platinum dragon, a pregnant female, remained alive to hear his offer of salvation. She not only spurned his offer but, with nearly the last of her strength, struck him with a claw, ripping out one of his teeth. In response, Dahak cursed her, but not to death. He stripped from her the shine and gloss of her platinum countenance, but he gave her no color in its place. Reduced to a shriveled gray husk, she fled the battlefield and slinked into hiding nearby.

A year later, she laid a clutch of lead-gray eggs, and when they hatched, a dozen weak and pathetic gray-colored dragons flopped and wriggled around her. As they grew, these dragons found themselves outcast from the ranks of both metallic and chromatic dragons. Gathering their small numbers, these ill-fated dragons ever strive for the grandeur of their good and evil-aligned cousins, but reproduce only rarely and in pitiable numbers. Thus, gray dragons have sought to influence their fate with the blood of other creatures, ultimately giving rise to many of the myriad dragonkin races in existence today. Both metallic and chromatic dragons see gray dragons’ desperate reproductive experimentation as blasphemous squandering of the draconic bloodline, and as such, the few gray dragons that still exist do so in solitude and secrecy."

Grayscale Sept

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