The cruel, unforgiving, and savage enforcer of the Dread Line.


Ezgar is an ecorche minion presumably created by Grayscale. The vicious undead beast has been involved in the Infernal Line for at least one hundred years. During he first pakthryxl the monster sunk the Waybringer off the coast of the Mana Wastes and murdered the crew.

Personality and Relationships

He never deviates from his tasks. Ezgar has the ability to create shred skins and wear other peoples skin. He is tough as nails, heals damage at a stupid rate, hits like a cannon, and is unaffected by most weapons. His only weakness lies in his blind obedience.

The Story

Responsible for much of the Deep Sea Current crew’s misery. He stranded them in the Mana Wastes, killed many able bodied sailors, and sunk the ship. Ezgar was finally struck him down in Katapesh City during the infamous Nightstall’s auction after he was outbid for the Sun Orchid Elixir.

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