Reskafar's Gear

Send in the Guns!!!


The following is a detailed list of Reskafar’s Gear

Quick References:
Reskafar Xurwkar
Communal Gear

Gear Slots
Armor: Small Mithral Chain Shirt +2
Belts: Belt of Incredible Constitution +4
Chest: Red Dragon Herald Vestments (resist fire 5)
Feet: Boots of Striding and Springing
Headband: Headband of Inspiring Wisdom +2
Neck: Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Ring (up to two): RoP +1, Serpent’s Bond +2 emotions and fear
Shield: MW Darkwood Buckler
Shoulders: Cloak of Resistance +2
Slotless: Divination Sticks Shaped Like Dice +3 random save

1675 g

Mundane Gear:
50ft rope, bedroll, x5 powder horn, gun kit, waterskin, large hat
battered holy symbol of Besmara
25 gp

+2 Small Mithral Chain Shirt (4250gp) +6 AC, -0 Armor Check, 6 max dex
MW Small Buckler (155gp) +1 AC, -0 Armor Check

Small Long Sword (10 gp) 1d6
Small Dagger (1 gp) 1d3
Small Battered Musket, Starting Gun 1d10 (crafted for 1150pg)
Small MW Blunderbuss, 1d6, Scatter (2300gp)
Small +1 Reliable Ghost Touch Musket Gebbiter (19800 gp) 1d10 + 1
Reliable enhancement was given by Ecanus, valued at 10k gold

Small “Slinger’s Longshot” +1 Distance Rifle w/Far-Reaching Sight (17,030 gp)

Lost Weapons:
Small +2 Reliable Musket (19800 gp) 1d10 + 2
+1 Fancy Dagger Imperious Adamantinum (Great Hunter Temporary Gift)

x315 Musket bullets (41.5 gp)
x210 Paper cartridges (1560 gp)
x8 dry load cartridges (120 gp)
x431 Black powder dose (450 gp)
x10 Dragon Breath , Scatter (200 gp)
x10 Entangling, Scatter (200 gp)
x5 Flare, Scatter (25 gp)
x39 Salt Shot, Scatter (234 gp)
x10 Bullet, Adamantine (305 gp)
x10 Bullet, Silver (125 gp)
x300 Pebble (30 gp)
x170 Metal cartridge (2550 gp)

Spent Ammo
~5500 gp

x9 Alchemist Fire (20 gp)
x2 Cure Moderate Wounds

Magic Items:
Bird Feather Token x2 (600gp)
Golden Shovel Broom from Dung Guild (Traveler’s Any-Tool 250gp)
Night Stone of Sorrow
Belt of Incredible Dexterity +4 (16000 gp)
Cloak of Resistance +2 (4000 gp)
Headband of Inspiring Wisdom +2 (4000 gp)
Bandolier, Endless (1500 gp)
Oil of Silence (250 gp)
boots of striding and springing (5500 gp, borrowing from Great Hunter)
+1 Amulets of Natural Armor (4000 gp, borrowing from communal loot)
+1 Rings of Protection (4000 gp, borrowing from communal loot)
Captain Cohol’s Pirates Dice and Cup
Jug of Wishing Pool Water from Colorless Lord’s Lighthouse

Kaledith 2200gp
Myrrh 8030gp (Slingers Shot)

Total Wealth
82856.5 gp

Borrowed Items
13500 gp

Dahak’s Lair
Bag of Holding IV
Divination Sticks Shaped Like Dice
Serpent’s Bond
Dragon Herald Vestments (red)
Firedrake Pistol
Dragonbile x12
Dragonfoe Amulet
9k Gold


Reskafar's Gear

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