Goethe's Gear

His Dark Materials



  • General Backpack, bedroll, MW Artisan’s Tools (Alchemy), light crossbow, 30 bolts, dagger, Caltrops x1, Skeleton Key, sliver of wood from the ‘Sea Dragon’, silver of wood from the ‘Salt Spray’, silver from the ‘Moon Mist’ (sunk), silver of wood from ’Prophet’s Coffer’ waterproof bag, Caltrops (2) , Blessed Book © = 12500gp
    (6250gp spent)
  • Wands wands.jpg
    Feather Fall (10) = 150gp
    Reduce Person (4) = 60gp
    Infernal Healing (42) = 630gp

Lesser Metamagic Rod of Maximize= 14000gp ©
Rod of Giant Summoning = 11000gp ©
Lesser Metamagic Rod of Extend = 3000gp

  • Scrolls
    plane shift
    Acid splash
    Ice storm
    Locate object
    Prot from good/chaos
    shocking grasp
    Sonic thrust
    Spell turning
    3 interesting books
    Modify memory
  • Wondrous wondrous.jpg
    [Headband] +2 Headband of Vast Intelligence (Alchemy) = 36000gp
    [Eyes] Eyes of Awareness = 3000gp ©
    [Shoulders] +3 Muleback Resist Cloak= 10500gp ©
    [Belt] Blinkback Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 = 11000gp ©
    [Feet] Boots of Anticipation = 3600gp ©
    Tattoo of Sustenance = 5000gp ©
    Scrying Mirror = 1000gp
    Crkd Scarlet & Blue Sphere IS (+1 comp alchemy) = 200gp
    Crkd Dusty Rose Ioun Stone (+1 init) = 500gp
    Crkd Vermilion Rhomboid (+1 swim/acro) = 400gp
    Crkd Dark Blue Rhomboid (+1 perc/s.m.) = 400gp
    2x Pearls of Power (I) = 2000gp ©
    2x Pearls of Power (II) = 8000gp ©
    5x Dweomer’s Essence = 2500gp
    Handy Haversack = 2000gp
    2x Devil’s Talisman = 100,000gp
    Imp Heavyload Belt =1000gp ©
    Imp anklets of speed = 3000gp ©
    (-32925gp spent)
  • Misc

+1 Adamantine impervious glamered allying Azlanti dagger = 17302gp
(-9500gp spent)

Legendary Dragon Staff (Gray & Platinum)
Mythic Bond 2; Difficult to Destroy
Legendary Power 4/day; 1d8 Surge Concentration checks & caster level checks
Legendary Abilities Powerful, Undetectable
Aura strong transmutation; CL 13th
Slot none; Price 78,400 gp; Weight 5 lbs.
Fly (1 charge)
Delay disease (1 charge)
Dragon’s breath (2 charges): 30 ft. cone, 1d6 Str drain plus mummy rot, Fortitude negates
Form of the dragon I (4 charges): Delay disease (see above); 30 ft. cone, 1d6 Str drain plus mummy rot, Fortitude negates; resplendent platinum appearance

In addition to these powers, the wielder of the dragon staff also receives a +2 natural armor bonus to her AC and the ability to make a bite attack as a primary natural weapon. This bite deals 1d8 points of damage if the wielder is Medium. These bonuses are a polymorph effect and are replaced by those gained from casting form of the dragon II, or other similar spells.

  • Coins 200 red pp, 5621gp, 23sp, 18cp
  • Goods 10000gp worth





Books Read

Transcendence of Mankind
On the Thassalonion Defection
Ulionestria’s 4th Symphony

Goethe's Gear

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