Tebrilith Peril

Half-elf, fiddle-playing, opportunist, bard


At first a trade secret, the crew later learns of Tebrilith Peril’s actions against the “Pirate Queen” when purchasing the questionably cheap Sea Dragon. The half-elf, con-artist bard had infiltrated the Sea Dragon’s crew with several confidants before lighting an illusory powder-keg on the gun deck. As the crew jumped ship, Tebrilith abandoned them at sea to set sail for Magnimar. Only the god’s know why Kaledith’s crew allowed Tebrilith to join their expedition. Several of the Sea Dragon’s crew would continue to haunt Peril and her new mates in the long run. Through superior cunning, the “Pirate Queen” herself even managed to pressgang Tebrilith (and her knowledge about the crew) away. When they next encountered Peril, she was tied to an unlit pyre in the middle of an obvious ambush attempt. It was difficult to tell whether or not Tebrilith was in on the ambush, but the irony of a genuine powder keg tied to her feet prompted a rescue. Tired of adventure for a while, she has since remained quietly below decks.

Tebrilith has proven to be quite handy with illusion and the fiddle (or violin).

She is quite chaotic, having demonstrated regular fear of long-term commitments.

Role: First Mate

Tebrilith Peril

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