Kaledith Sevardomos

Drumish Prophetess of Kalistrade


This opportunistic heiress to renown Prophet of Kalistrade, Kedymos Sevardomos of Druma, has taken the reigns for one of her father’s investment projects. Kedymos was approached by the “employer” of Yigorin Slate to invest in a lucrative treasure hunting expedition, which Slate himself ended up spearheading out of Magnimar. Unfortunately news of Slate’s subsequent capture reached Kedymos, and his daughter resumed the task. With so many resources already lost on Slate, Kaledith had to seek out wealthy financiers from Magnimar’s more prominent factions in order to outfit a new expedition to Azlant. Some of these co-investors were directly sought. Others weaseled their way into Kaledith’s awareness for personal opportunities the adventure presented them. She would go on to supply half the funds for purchasing a ship and supplies. When the crew finally asked about a treasure map, they were surprising to learn the parcel would need retrieval from the Mordant Spire where Yigorin Slate was known to be captured… Fast forward and Kaledith has now spent over two months with the crew. Her shrewd, disciplined and conservative nature has softened a bit for having been through so much, even though she spends a great deal of time lounging in comfort while enjoying the service of loan-indentured crew-members. Otherwise, a genuine Prophet of Kalistrade is proving quite useful for mercantile endeavors this far out at sea.

Kaledith has always sported a variety of clean, white, richly adorned wardrobes that cover every inch of her skin (save for her face and hair). She refrains from touching anybody unless necessary, and only with gloved hands at that. However, this nature has become somewhat more relaxed over time.

Kaledith’s signature ability has been a giant adamantine, twice magically locked, secret chest she summons regularly from off-ship to do business from. Well, that and she can also summon a mercane merchant.

Role: Lorenz’s wife and crew benefactor

Kaledith Sevardomos

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