Hily Keelta

Arresting Cultist of Asmodeus, Obessed with Powerful Men


Summoner Unwavering Conduit


Sexy Cultist of Asmodeus, formerly in service of Vira Grulios, a specialist in magic bindings and circles. Press ganged into service by Goethe. Or so we thought. In reality, she believes Goethe’s ambition outpaces his father’s ambition, meaning Goethe will eventually be the stronger. So she joined the crew, but considers Goethe her master and she is very obedient to her master.

Enjoys praising Goethe with excessive flattery. Loves to maintain her appearance for Goethe’s sake. Does not let anyone put down Goethe in her presence. Traits that Goethe doesn’t mind…

Role: Goethe’s lab assistant. Speculation aboard, she is also his mistress.

Hily Keelta

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