Vestin's Man Hellig

Hellig CR 7

Halfling Rogue lvl 6, Fighter lvl 1
N Small humanoid
Init 8; Senses Perception +12


AC 20; +1 vs larger opponents ; +3 vs light blades
hp 67
Fort +6, Ref +9, Will +2; +2 vs fear


Speed 30 ft.
Chef’s Knife +12, d4 + 1/19-20; Sneak Attack +3d8
Sling +11, d4; Sneak Attack +3d4


Str +10, Dex +18, Con +14, Int +13, Wis +10, Cha +10

Base Atk +6
CMB +6
CMD 16

Feats/Traits Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus Knife, Endurance, Diehard, Master Craftsman, Outflank, Improved Initiative

Skills Acrobatics +15, Appraise +10, Bluff +5, Craft Alchemy + 6, Climb +12, Disable Device +14, Disguise +5, Escape Artist +11, Perception +12, Profession Sailor +5, Profession Chef +12, Sleight of Hand +21, Stealth +18, Swim +10

Languages Common, Halfling, Draconic (Vestin has been teaching him on the ambulatory)

SQ Underfoot, Fearless, Sure-Footed, Keen Senses, Sneak Attack 3d4 / 3d8, Evasion, Hidden Blade, Sneak Stab, Blade Sense, Uncanny Dodge, Deft Palms, Underhanded, Finesse Rogue

Equipment Master Chef’s Knife (+1 Small Dagger), Exquisite Pairing Knife (MW Dagger), Sling (10), MW Buckler, Ring of Protection, MW Chain Shirt, Adventuring Gear, Feather Token, Potion of CMW, MW Cooking Kit, Posion (200gp)


Vestin found Hellig in the streets of Magnimar. Well… Hellig found Vestin and stabbed him. Its a long story.

Since then, the bonds of loyalty have been tied tightly, there is little Hellig wouldn’t do for Vestin. He acts primarily as his personal valet, chef, and confidant. Hellig also uses his specific set of skill to aid Vestin in his pursuits as the Auditor, opening the pesky doors that are immune to Vestin’s charms.

Hellig is warm to companions and instantly distrustful of strangers and new additions. Since his reunion with the party he has been more distant than in the past. He does his best to disguise these changes and his distrust but it is always present to the observant.

Physical Description

Hellig is 3’2" with dusty brown hair and dark eyes. Since he began his journeys with Vestin he has aged hard in the short time that has passed. Several scars are clearly visible from his time with the pirate queen.


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