Goethe Grulios


Known in relevant circles as a skilled wizard and alchemist, Goethe has made a modest name for himself in the city of Magnimar. A maven in the hierarchy of the Arcanimirium, Goethe teaches at the university, also selling his alchemical wares to those with the capital. When appropriate, he may step out to educate the public on the merits and utility of magic, but does so sparingly. Little if anything is known of his past before coming to Magnimar. Although he does retain a small retinue of business and academic colleagues, it would be easily surmised he has no friends, nor any need for them.

Physical Description

Goethe is 6’2", with a sturdy, but lightly muscled frame. Deep red veins around his temples, shoulders, and forearms are the only hint of color on his otherwise pure alabaster skin, close-cropped beard, and shoulder-length hair. Both eyes are entirely black, like his spiraling horns, except for bloody red tips. Emerging from his temples, they curve around to almost meet behind his head . A long prehensile tail follows from his lower spine, tipped in with a red spade, it sways to and fro. His gaunt, sharp face reveals little emotion.

Social Description

Goethe Grulios

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