Able Bodied Sailors

Mostly Former Pirate Queen Crew


7 Former Pirate Queen Pirates

malepirate.jpg Bartholomew Moore
malepirate2.jpg Nicholas Mallowburne
malepirate3.jpg Baldwin Latham
malepirate4.jpg James Cassy
femalepirate2.jpg Pearl Blamey (deceased)
femalepirate.jpg Jane Smith
sexypirate.jpg Cordelia Vance


After defeating the Pirate Queen we expanded the crew with the best survivors. The ones that joined are uncommonly brave and thirsty for plunder.

The men were discovered stranded and left for dead on our way to Azlant.

The women were loyal to Reyna and choose to stay because of her.

Role: Able bodied sailors, gunners, and freebooters.

Able Bodied Sailors

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